my why | personal post

This is a bit of a personal post. No pretty pictures, just a bunch of words. It’s taken me such a long time to write. Countless drafts trying to find the right words to tell you why I do what I do. I’m a bit scared to push the publish button because I feel silly. I feel like no one really gives a shit about what I have to say anyway. Oh well … here goes!

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wednesdays | melbourne lifestyle photographer

Life is so busy ... What with a busy client schedule & my work in SCN sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed. But then there is Wednesday. My favourite day of the week. On Wednesday Layla comes to hang out with me & then I am forced to stop. I don't do anything but play with her, tell stories, snuggle & now that she is walking we might play a bit of chasey. This week I also took a few quick snaps. The giggles are infectious and watching her observe her world around her is just fascinating. I feel so lucky that I am able to take the time to just watch her grow.

mentor day with Amy ...

I know I'm not alone when I say that sometimes I find it really difficult to maintain my "mojo" and stay fresh when much of the time my work requires me to be on my own in front of a computer screen. There are so many opportunities for negative thoughts and good old self doubt to creep in - but that is a blog post for another day! 

To try and stay as fresh and motivated as I can, I allocate myself a few professional development days and activities each year. They can be a variety of things such as group workshops, seminars, online classes etc. Just recently I had a 1:1 mentor session with a photographer that I have admired for quite some time, not only because I like her work, but even though we had never met, I thought I liked the way she worked ... and I wasn't disappointed. 

My mentor day with Amy Rushbrook from Lark + Bear was fabulous and exactly what I needed. We spent the whole morning drinking coffee and chatting extensively about EVERYTHING! If I was going to take just one thing away from our day together it would be the importance of finding the right clients and being able to identify who they are. 

So I got thinking about just who they are ... They are every day regular people. They are totally in love with their life and the people they have built that life with. They are creative and adventurous and don't mind taking risks. They are generous, hard working and are looking for an experience that leaves them feeling GREAT! They want their images to reflect real life and who they are as people ... No matter how messy it might get. Because real life isn't perfect.

My day with Amy ended with a wonderful session at the beautiful family home of Steph. It couldn't have been more perfect. Even though it was a cold and grey old day, we had a balance of beautiful light and shadow and little Alice had chosen her outfit especially for our visit. She reminded me so much of one of my own children at a similar age - so much energy and independence and not to mention the CURLS! I was happy watching Amy work her magic but did manage to capture a little snapshot of our afternoon ..... Enjoy!