chiara - fresh 48 | melbourne lifestyle photography

There is absolutely nothing in the world as beautiful as a brand new baby! The fresher the better - dont you agree? That beautiful new skin!! I’m so lucky to be able to document the arrival of so many tiny humans and its something that I will never take for granted. Its an absolute privilege to be invited in to the love bubble at such a special time in a couples journey together.

Today I’m sharing a fresh 48 session from Epworth Freemasons. My favourite newborn lifestyle sessions are these fresh 48 sessions because all that oxytocin makes for some pretty beautiful images. And in the first couple of days after a baby is born those oxytocin levels are right up there! Its so easy for the parents to get lost in their baby and thats the best part about a lifestyle session … the connection!

So in this beautiful, peaceful hospital room with a gorgeous park view, we captured a moment in time. Their lives forever changed ….

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zac | melbourne newborn lifestyle photographer

I have lost count now of how many times I've photographed this gorgeous family but I'm so glad they choose me as their photographer each time. It really is so special to be invited back to document a family as it grows and on this occasion we welcome little Zac. Big brother Ryan is taking his new role VERY seriously & doing such a good job! The beautiful connection between this little family is always so easy to capture. They just take their life & their love for each other all in their stride ... 

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beatrix | melbourne newborn photographer

I'm a big believer that things have a way of working out with the right people coming into your life at the right moment and for the right reasons. Sometimes it all just works. This family are very special to me ... I first photographed them when they had their first baby, Miss Thea-Rose, who has now proudly become a big sister. I cant exactly remember how they came to find me but I am so glad they did. That single day changed EVERYTHING for me as far as my photography goes! I was really struggling with the whole newborn on a beanbag thing and this family were so connected and loved up, the beanbag was quickly forgotten and we captured some of the most touching moments. Their images made my heart dance around in my chest and from that moment I just knew that lifestyle sessions were what I was meant to do! 

Just a couple of years down the track and Miss Beatrix joins their story and I think you will see they are still just as connected as ever (insert heart eyes here)!! 

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levi | melbourne family photographer

Building my new website has meant that I have had to go back through galleries of families I have had sessions with over the past couple of years and I have just loved re-visiting these so much that I decided to share some of my favourites. 

This newborn lifestyle session took place at home in beautiful bayside Melbourne, late morning, after the older kids had finished their morning activities! That is the beauty of an in home session. It is so easy to fit in around a busy family schedule.

Most newborn photographers will tell you that the ideal time to get your photos done is in the first couple of weeks after birth, but with a lifestyle session "the perfect age" really isn't important. No matter what the age we will always capture some wonderful images and, at six weeks of age this session with Levi was evidence of that!!

There was a wonderful energy in this family with the older kids very keen for a little "show & tell" of some of their favourite games and of course to show me around their home which I just L O V E D! Bec (Mum) has an incredible sense of style as you can no doubt tell just by looking at that amazing retro sofa!! The bassinet is a real vintage piece and just so gorgeous! And the dining table? An original hand made by Scott (Dad). The whole house had such a relaxed vibe and reminded me a little of my childhood.

Levi was absolutely adorable and I could quite happily have popped him in my bag and taken him home! (Did I say that out loud? lol) Being six weeks of age meant that he was wide awake and ready for action and there was certainly plenty of THAT! The older kids loved jumping and wrestling on mum and dads big bed. Levis beautiful bright eyes just beamed and he was such a relaxed little man, not at all bothered by the exuberance of his older siblings.

I guess that is just the natural order of things isn't it? As the third child you just have to go with the flow ...

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elise | melbourne newborn photographer

There are so many wonderful things about my job and one of them is having the opportunity to check out other peoples homes! I have an absolute obsession with interiors, styling, renovating etc so its only natural that I would love seeing what other people are doing with their own spaces. Right? 

Generally with an in-home lifestyle session I will have no idea what the space or the light is like and that would totally freak me out in the early days. These days I actually get a little excited! I love the challenge of being a natural light photographer and having to make do with whatever light is available. 

So on a gloomy old June day in Melbourne, I headed off to my session with little Elise and her family wondering what I would find. Well ... natural light photographers D R E A M !! As I pulled up outside my insides were doing a happy dance! A brand new home, filled with beautiful light and lots and lots of my favourite colour ... WHITE! (I know, I know ... white isn't a colour but its still my fave!). I could go on about the gorgeous sheer curtains, the balcony garden of succulents but I wont ...

Elise is a Special Care Nursery "graduate" and I was lucky enough to get to know her and her beautiful family during her stay in the nursery where I work as a nurse a few days a week. Such a gorgeous family and I am so honoured that they chose me as their photographer to document their early days as a new family. 

I think you will agree, this little family have created a beautiful love filled, tranquil vibe ...

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nathaniel | melbourne newborn photographer

A chilly old day in Melbourne today and the perfect time to sit down at my computer and get stuck into some blogging. I am so excited to share some of the beautiful newborn and family sessions I have had over the past little while and this one in particular was one of my favourites for 2016.

What makes it a favourite? Well to start with the house was superb!!  An unassuming cream brick house in Melbourne and once inside it was filled to the brim with love and life and everything that makes you feel like you have stepped deep into someones life. This was a home that was so unique and quirky to this family. Christina has an incredible eye for putting beautiful collections of art and books and family treasures together, giving old things a new lease of life and putting her own personal touch to absolutely everything. I just loved it!

These guys were so comfortable with themselves and each other and it made the session such a pleasure. We chatted and chatted and it honestly felt like we had known each other for a very long time but that is just the type of people they were. Relaxed, easy going and very very welcoming. Nathaniel, our focus for the morning, was so wide awake. In fact I think the couple of pictures we got of him "sleeping" were really just flukes as he just happened to have his eyes closed as I clicked the shutter. Gotta be happy with that! He was a very busy teeny tiny boy who has a bit of work to do to fill up his skin ... And that is exactly what he wanted to do all morning. FEED FEED FEED. Just as well they have a big comfy couch because I think Christina is going to be spending a lot of time there while he works on filling up his legs! Without doubt this little man has the very best newborn knees I have ever seen ...

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